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Challenge desires in the Indian Ocean ?
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Team building
Our program of nautic team building activities will give to everyone the chance to discover new sports and recreational activities. Gathered in different teams, every participant can choose an activity they like or pick up one they want to discover. Even for larger groups, every activity will take place in the same area on a rotational basis.
If you’re looking for a pure rush of adrenaline, we offer you activities such as watersports games or body boarding … For the most adventurous one, we have activities like snorkeling with flippers, mask and snorkel, or sea kayaking, big-game fishing, scuba-diving or a mini cruise aboard sailboats … Always in a friendly and casual atmosphere amidst a beautiful setting, these activities are accessible to everyone.
The departure and return : from a beach or a dock
If you want to enjoy the beauty of our coastline from the sea, we offer you to charter one or several boats (catamarans …). Feel free to share and exchange once you’ll be on board since the casual atmosphere; the music and drinks are here to help you make the most of it.
The team building activities are flexible depending on the number and the desires of everyone. Qualified instructors will safely supervise this day to make it unforgettable for the whole group.

The nautic team building activities are:
Big-game fishing
Snorkeling with flippers, mask and snorkel
Regatta or cruising
Jet ski
Hobbie Cat

On the West Coast
Divided in teams the participants will enjoy a nautic day in «hobbie cat» and sea kayaks. Welcomed by skippers and after a quick briefing you will embark for a sailing initiation offshore. After the lunch the teams switch from one activity to another.
The Hobbie Cat, synonymous name for speed and sensation, meets the expectations of all regardless of the level.

The Hobie Cat is the more than the pleasure of instant fun and easy acceleration; it is also the pleasure of driving his own boat in light winds or in the breeze, of refining its maneuvers and adjusting the sails. It is accessible to everyone.
The sea kayak is a boat (2 participants per boat) that allows exploration of the coast of the lagoon without disturbing wildlife or flora. The essential features of our kayaks lie in the fact that they are safe, unbreakable, very stable, easy to handle and self-draining, which means that if you capsize, the water will drain automatically once the kayak is back to the right position.

Each participant is equipped with a paddle and a compulsory lifejacket. This boat allows you to visit beautiful places, especially in a wild and peaceful setting! The coast, a setting that cannot be ignored, with its beaches and coves, will make your day unforgettable.

The day will end with a crazy night in a unique restaurant on the beach of the Hermitage.
Dinner facing the sea, privatization can be planned for large groups. (Optional).

Technical Information
Lunch, Hobbie cat and kayaks are provided and supervised by qualified instructors, lunch. This activity is more fun than sporting: everyone will love it. The professionalism of the instructors allows you to adapt smoothly. Sunscreen and swimsuit recommend!
Maximum 30 people.

Aboard Catamarans
We offer participants to embark on sailing catamarans for a frantic race and get closer to the atmosphere of the largest regattas. This original activity is accessible to everyone from beginners to insiders. Each participant will participate, play a role and be rewarded since it appeals to the sense of the organization.

Each team, from 12 to 15 people on board (depending on the gauge of the boat), is supervised by a skipper that drives but often gives way to one or more participants by rotation.
The skipper listens to his new « skippers » : he will follow the instructions given by the Captain that has been designated at the beginning, he will teach the maneuvers to participants to make them discover the pleasure of a team effort. Before leaving, he will inform his crew about the organization, the course also the rules of conduct to ensure the safety of the group.
If some participate less physically, they will be more active with the strategy and the action to take in order win this thrilling race.

You will be looking for the best settings at all speeds, and you will get used to words like: shock, drop, border, jibe, surf … You will feel every reactions of the boat: accelerations, ripples, sensitivity at the helm … and everyone will enjoy the landscape and sea air.
A sports outfit and a windbreaker are recommended and participants are equipped with mandatory life jackets so that pleasure is total.

Technical Information
Boats and lunch on board are provided and supervised by qualified instructors. Low prizes for the first ones. This activity is more fun than sporting: everyone will love it. The professionalism of the skippers allows you to adapt smoothly. Sunscreen and swimsuit recommend!
Maximum 28 people.

On board of the first Class 8 or MULTIMONO
We offer half of full day trips with initiation and practice of sailing. You will be participating in maneuvers and discovering the island from offshore.
We also offer « ecotourism » trips with the president of the Marin Observatory of the island that will give you explanations on coral reefs and, in season, usually from June to October explanations on cetaceans, due to the presence of whales and their calves.
Occasionally, it is also possible to organize:
« Pirates out » treasure hunt with less than 24 people and several sailboats
« Water Olympics » for a birthday, friends, or for welding teams
« Regatta » up to 40 people
« Environmental awareness workshops » with a guide Marin Observatory of the island
« Cruises with skipper for the day, in 2 days and up to 8 days » between Reunion and Mauritius.

Contact us for technical details and capabilities in each formula.