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In the lagoon


In this magic and preserved place where motor vehicles are forbidden, you will find a perfect playground.

Come to discover and enjoy the seabed on the island in a brand new transparent boat called Molokini. Be ready to live a magic and fun experience, in couple or family, and admire fishes and corals passing before your eyes. Children and adults can observe the beauty of our seabed by renting kayaks on their owns or with a group. You will be supervised by a professional guide that will show you the wildlife in the best and safer conditions. Children, adults, individuals or families will live a fantastic and ecological experience of the beauty of the lagoon as if you were facing an aquarium. With a waterproof plate, you will be able to identify the different areas where the corals and fish are living.

Lagoon Trip
Discover the seabed of the lagoon. Boarding at l’Ermitage where we’ll try to observe turtles, then we will go for a cruise on the quiet lagoon where tropical fishes and corals can be admired through fully transparent kayaks. The end of the journey will take you in an isolated cove: you will be able to take a rejuvenating bath in calm clear water surrounded by fine sand.
A refreshing cocktail under the filaos will be offered at the end of ride. Accessible to all and without getting wet!

Sea Trip
Boarding from the Port des Roches-Noires or from Saint-Leu, let us guide you through the coral reefs located behind the barrier reef. The transparent kayaks will allow you to see down to 15 meters deep, you will enjoy the diversity of corals and schools of fish in a safe floating boat.
You will be accompanied by a guide who will ensure your safety and will inform you about the marine life you will see during your trip. Turtles and dolphins often come! A unique and environmentally friendly way to explore the coral reef in its entire splendor.

Technical Information:
Each participant has a paddle and a life jacket.
From 2 people
Maximum 24 people / half day

The Stand up paddle is an easy new trend sport that was born in Hawaii in the 40s. It’s using a broader and more stable surfing board with a paddle to propel himself, which makes it more accessible. It allows you to move on a calm water surface or to surf the waves while maintaining a constant standing position.
This activity is fun and friendly and allows you to go through the calm water to get a balanced position! Don’t be afraid to try different positions, standing or kneeling, moving offshore or surfing the waves …
We offer you a first introduction in the lagoon of La Saline les Bains. Go for it!
Technical Information:
Available to anyone who can swim. Every session lasts 2 hours, during the morning or afternoon. They are supervised by a qualified instructor or can be used as soon as you rend the board.
From 1 person
Maximum 24 people / half day

Come to enjoy a wonderful kayak trip on the crystal water of the island. With your quiet and green kayak, you will discover this world without disturbing it and get closer to the Nature.
A state-certified guide that is familiar with the environment will supervise the trip: providing explanations on the wildlife and leading you safely through the treasures of the lagoon.
No matter how experienced you are, you will enjoy sliding at water level while observing the exotic fish, tropical corals or enjoying the quiet and transparent water…

The shape of the kayak (2 participants per boat) allows you to explore the shores without disturbing the wildlife. The essential features of our kayaks lie in the fact that they are safe, unbreakable, very stable, manageable and self-draining, which means that if you capsize, the water will drain automatically once the kayak is back to the right position.
Each participant will get a paddle and a compulsory lifejacket. Sea kayaking is the opportunity to visit beautiful places, especially in a wild and peaceful setting! Our coast (open sea or lagoon) is a gorgeous setting (with its beaches and coves) that will make your day unforgettable. During the trip, some participants will probably be partly or completely soaked… We disclaim all responsibility!
From to 2 to 50 people for every ½ day