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The biodiversity, religion, agriculture, traditions… All our theme tours.

(From July to December)
07h30 : Early departure for the North and then to the East of the Island. First stop in St Benoît at Melissa’s plantation. Throughout the day you will discover and taste orchard fruts : Lychee, Longans, Carambolas. You will meet with other fruit-tree as Papaya, Jackfruit, Annona, Bananas…admire the fields of porcelain roses, alpinia, Heliconia or other tropical flowers and plants. You will assist to a floral art demonstration and a fresly cut tropical flower will be given to you.
The second visit will take place in St André, at a vanilla plantation. After a ceole lunch, in a restaurant or a guest house, you will stop at Bois Rouge sugar mill, to share the incredible odyssey of the sugarcannes.This farming activity is not only one of the most imporatant field of the island economy but it is also part of the culture and the History of the island. The visit will lead you to the magical world where the plants is turned into sugar.
The introduction to the rhum distillery, will show you the secrets of rhum elaboration and maturating process. The tatsing will charm you by its tropical savor. On the road back, stop at the beautiful Niagara waterfalls in Ste Suzanne. Back to the hotel at 5:30 pm.

08h00 : Departure for Saint-Gilles les Bains aquarium. 500 coral fishes, as grouper, carangidae, sharks, skates, barracudas and sea horses are swimming in 600 000 sea water liter.
It is possible for the small groups (less than 24 persons) to switch the visit by an introduction to the Hermitage underwater path. A guide of the Marine park, will present you the carcteristiques of underwater ecosystem and its delicat and beautiful biodiversity.
You will follow by the visit of Kelonia the sea turtle study center inaugurated on 2006 with a double mission, encourage the public to be aware of the value of the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage, especially with respect to marine turtles and participate in and develop research and conservation programmes for marine turtles and their habitats.
You will have your lunch at the Iloha Hotel.
The afternoon wil start with the Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin (National botanic conservatory) located in the De Chateauvieux familly’s estate. Its beautiful park of 7 ha will welcome you, and introduce you to the recherche center dedicated to the worl flore conservation and protection. The collection of « Plantes Lontan » : coffee, tobacco, spices, sugarcanne and geranium, explains the introduction of these plants in the Island. . The « Verger » collection shows the farmed plants of La Reunion.
Back to the hotel around 5:30 pm.

* Notice, the visits can be modified contingent on the ocean tide.

8h00 : Departure for St Denis or St pierre in order to discover the cultural ressources of La Reunion. More than 30 religious sites included in differents tour gave an idea of the creole diverty.
Beyond christianism, fully establish in the Island, you will be introduce their philosophy trough their place of worship: Tamill temple, Sunni mosque, Chinese
pagoda, Christian churches and cathedral.
You will approach their god : GUAN DI, the defied general and GUAN YIN the virtous princess that had reached the TAO…, ALLAH and his prophet MAHOMET… But also the Indian GOD : SHIVA the destructive… GANESH, the elephant head god… MOUROUGA, the overproud, God of yougness and beauty… As welle as the wonderfull birth legend.
This tour introduce you to the different creole identity to better understand their rite and believes. Can we speak about differnces harmony ? When in a small area and in a few minutes you goes from India to Arabia and from China to Europe. When tolerance and the peace search meet in the humain’s heart the absurd turns to be obsolete.. Allah, Vishnou, Guan-Di and Jesus Christ live in the same town, and they are neighbours !

The Reunion « lontan »
(from July to December, except on Monday)
8h00 : Departure for Rivière Saint-Louis to learn about the Coco balance, last balance « lontan » where the farmers still come to deliver their sugar cane production. Your guide will come with you for a cart ridethrough the sugar cane fields to a rhum tasting at the Gol Fabrics
The lunch will be taken at the ecomuseum « Kour Mao ». Visit of the garden, wood fire lunch cooked and grilled coffee !
Continuation on the Hubert de Lisle road, a 47 discontinuing road at 500 m of altitude.. It linked Bois de Nèfles Saint-Paul to the Avirons and cross Trois-Bassins, a village rewarded at the « Flowered Town and villages ». Wonderfull balcony above the sea, this road goes between sugar cane fields and majestic eucalyptus.
Visit of the Villèle Museum. Old colonial residence, built on a 10 ha park. It gather with the Chapelle pointue, Madame Desbassyns’s residence, the old sugar fabric, the old slave hospital and the park.
Back to the hotel around 5:30 pm.