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Combined activities


Reunion island is a real playground. For amateur or sensation experts, everyone stands to gain.

The dynamic team of 4×4 guides will welcome you on the parking of Jardin d’Eden at l’Ermitage.
Departure with the 4×4 to the South : the guide will provide you any kind of information about the island and the trip. Once you’ll get to Rivière Langevin’ s valley, you will be able to swim in the turquoise blue limpid basins of this river.

The team of « KRÉOLANTA » (challenge Nature Sports and Events in canyon) will warmly welcome you and give you equipment adapted to your morphology: wetsuit, harness and helmet. Each team will have a number ranging from 1 to 9 that they will keep for all events. This team challenge will friendly combine conviviality, discovery, security and competition. Every team will have to face the 5 rounds of « KREOLANTA. » Just five minutes walking and you will reach this stunning site.

No. 1 and No. 2: swimming and looking for clues, No. 3: helmet throw Workshop: artistic, sports and skill game, No. 4: Jumping, 5: Zipline. After half-day, each team will be awarded by the organizers in a simple and friendly ceremony.
Departure in 4×4 to the “Table d’hôte” of Mr. Begue Theophane Jim, father and son. After a shaky track in 4×4 above Basse Valley, you will discover their splendid house: at the edge of 23 acres of forest with a direct view of Cap Méchant. Here we are both everywhere and nowhere,
Immediately surrounded by a nature that sneaks into every window of a house that they entirely built. Welcome drink on the veranda or in the garden and local food, especially fresh palm. Possibility to bring your own music or instruments for a festive atmosphere: don’t be shy and feel free to reveal your talent!

Technical Information: This activity is more fun, friendly and suitable for all than sporting. You must know how to swim. You will be always supervised by a qualified instructor who will equip you (helmet, full body suit and harness), will teach you the basic techniques.
Bring your swimsuit, pair of sneakers with socks, change of clothes, sunscreen and « tranche papaye  » Supply included: cereal bars, water and coke.

Mini : 12 people / Maxi : 42 people

Horse riding, mountain bike and Rafting in the same day!!
For the morning the horses will bring you to a creole orchard before reaching the old growth forest that leads to the Grand-Etang: huge natural impoundment surround by vertiginous cliffs. At the end of the morning you will switch from horse riding to mountain biking to get to the Bassin Morne where a delicious lunch will be waiting for you. From Grand-Etang, our guides will bring you to Saint-Benoît crossing pineapple and orange tree plantation and sugarcane fields. After a short transfer, you will enjoy a rafting experience in the « Rivière des Marsouins ». The inflatable rafts are designed for 4 to 6 people and adapted to the narrow rivers of the island. The professional guides ire going to give you the equipment you need for this activity (wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet) and coach you during the down-river. The rafts have a well floating and stabilization property that permits to bring children older than 6 years old (parental participation to the activity needed).

A unique experience to discover the running water activities in full safety. The raft is perfect to explore the river of the island: narrow, light and easy to handle they permit to snake in and out easily in the rapids. In this activity, the guide is coaching the participant from a kayak in order to gibe autonomy to the participant that will have to handle their embarkation. The guide will explain you everything before the activity starts and will give advise during the whole down-river.

Technical Information
This activity is adapted to everyone and do not need extra sportive skills. The participants have to be able to swim 25 m and to immerse totally themselves without fear. Coached by professional guides and fully equipped (wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet), you will enjoy this activity in full safety.

Maximum 15 people.

Included: The horses, the mountain bikes and the rafts, professional coaching and the lunch with beverage.

We offers you 3 sportive days in Cilaos to climb the mountains and slide the river: 2 hiking days to the « Piton des Neiges » (3069 meters), the highest summit of the Indian Ocean & 1 canyoning day in « Fleurs Jaunes », the famest and also the most beautiful canyon of La Réunion.
Day 1 : Welcomed in Cilaos by a mountain guide, you will start the afternoon by the hike leading to the refuge « Caverne Dufour » situated at more than 2000m of altitude. Dinner at the refuge.
Day 2 : Early waking up to admire the sunrise from the summit. Back to Cilaos at the end of the morning. Lunch with beverage at the hotel and free afternoon to rest. At the end of the afternoon, typical food tasting « pâté créole » (meat pastery) and Cilaos wine. Dinner at the hotel.
Day 3 : After a night at the hotel, you will meet a professional canyoning guide that will give you the equipment for a full day of canyoning. (Wetsuit, harness, helmet…). A mix of beautiful scenery and thrills for a wonderful experience.

Technical Information
This activity is adapted to everyone and do not need extra sportive skills. The participants have to be able to swim 25 m and to immerse totally themselves without fear. Coached by professional guides and fully equipped (wetsuit, harness and helmet), you will learn the basis techniques of canyoning.

Maximum 30 people.

Included: 1 canyoning day, equipment, professional coaching, 1 picnic lunch, 1 lunch at the hotel, 1 night in HB (beverage not included) in a 2 stars hotel, 1 night in HB (beverage not included) at the refuge.

The all group will be divided into small groups: a group of hikers (A) and one canyoners (B).
Supervised by instructors (one for 15 participants), Group A will leave for a 4km hike toward Bras Rouge Waterfall. Concerning the easiest one: 390 meters of total positive elevation and 286 meters of total negative elevation.
Group B will go by bus to the canyons Gobert and / or Mini Yellow Flower for Rappelling, small steps, and swimming. A safe combination of emotions and intense pleasures.
Supervision is provided by qualified instructors (one per 12 participants). Around noon, the two groups will share their impressions over a meal (Creole picnic or restaurant depending on the weather). Around 1h30 p.m, the groups will separate again and exchange activities.
At the end of the day, you will go back to the west coast by bus and arrive at your hotel in the late afternoon.

Technical Information
This program allows you to discover several means of transport: Hiking, rappelling, driving on the roads of Cilaos. The hike is for everyone with a relatively low altitude. Initiation sites are accessible to all; they are fun and not sporting.
Provide walking shoes, warm clothes, water, hat, sunscreen, small backpack, and protection against the rain. Maximum 60 people.

The rent of a safety equipment and wetsuit, the lunch/picnic with 2 appetizers, 2 choices of cari, dessert and coffee will be provided and supervised by professionals (1 for max 10 people), , The picnic will be delivered on site.

These prices do not include the provision of water (1/2 liter per person)