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We use to say Reunion island is a hiker paradise. We talk about, Mafate Cirque, only inaccessible cirque by car, the active volcano Piton de la Fournaise and the famous Trail running « Le Grand Raid » or better known by the nickname « Diagonale des fous ».

But it is often difficult to understand that we can find 1000 km of trails but for any levels.

Family easy hikes, half-day easy hikes, mini treks for beginners, and aswell long treks for experts. Here are some suggestions out of the classic treks.

Early departure in the morning by bus with your hiking guides. Once in Cilaos, the group will be split into groups of 15 people supervised by one guide. Departure by bus to the starting point of the hike. Walk about 4 km, towards the Bras Rouge waterfall. 286 meters of vertical drop. Around 1h30 p.m, a creole picnic will be provided then return by bus to the coast. Accessible to all, hiking is the best way for you to discover the cirque of Cilaos.

Information : Easy level, about 3h00, elevation gain 390 m, distance: 4 km
Transfer from Saint-Gilles: 1:30 ride to get to the starting point

The « choka Bleu and « Choka vert » trails will lead you through a cultural heritage while walking among chokas and tamarins. Listen carefully on your way to the « Moullin Kader » and pumping station, you’ll be able to hear the songs of rams and « Cardinaux » and even see an « Endormi » looking at you secretly … But actually, what is an « endormi »? What’s even a « Choka »?
Your « Péi » guide will be there to answer your questions and tell the stories of the inhabitants of this historic neighborhood. He will lead you to « Villèle » Museum which was the residence of Madame Deybassins, iconic and controversial figure in the west of the island. Don’t be afraid to talk and exchange about these moments of creole history.

Information: Easy level: 2H00 round trip. Elevation gain 80m
Transfer from Saint-Gilles: 20 minute drive to get to the starting point.

Departure by bus to the south of the island. We’ll go up through “Les Avirons” and the forest road until the camp of “Tévelave” where the hike can start. The “Sentier du Gol” is shaped like a nice little loop in the forest of “Tévelave” (Madagascan name for « The Great Forest »). This forest is full of lush ferns and Tamarins trees that are typical from the high part of the island. This tour is an opportunity to discover a superb view of the entire region of the “Makes”. Return to the hotel late morning

Information: Easy level. 1h45 loop. Elevation gain of 245 m
Transfer from Saint-Gilles: about 45 minutes to get to the starting point

Departure by bus to “Dos d’Ane” via the towns of “le Port” and “la Possession”. The hike will start after the forest road of “Cape noir”. The path is rather steep with a passage of 3 scales and the trail can be slippery. Outstanding belvedere over the cirque of Mafate, the “Cap Noir” overlooks the “Rivière des Galets » coming down from the bottom of the Piton des Neiges. Surrounded by breathtakingly steep ramparts, this wild cirque is only accessible by foot or helicopter. Return to the hotel late morning
Information: Average level. 1h30 loop, elevation gain of 200 m.
Transfer from Saint-Gilles: about 45 minutes to get to the starting point

Departure by bus to St. Paul. Beginning of the hike to the “Bassin Vital”. In the shade of large trees, the trail follows the ravine for a few hundred meters. Then begins the climb: first you’ll face the steep « stairs of giants » and then more sweet and pleasant, you’ll walk through a green setting. After 30 minutes, you’ll go down to the “Bassin Vital”, overlooking a waterfall of 150 meters (the flow depends on the season). After walking around the “bassin”, we’ll go back using the same route. Return to the hotel late morning by the road of the “Tour des Roches” to admire the wheel of an old watermill.
Information: Walker level: easy, 2h00 round trip. Elevation gain of 185 m
Transfer from Saint-Gilles: 30 minute drive to get to the starting point.

Discover Mafate and its impressive relief by its easier access and perhaps the most spectacular. The path of the « canalisation des orangers » stretches out over several kilometers: it goes on the sides of the rampart overlooking the “Rivière des Galets ». Each passage will blow your mind since new peaks and new “îlets » appear every time. This round trip has the advantage of being flexible depending on the level of participants. Picnic on the way

Information: Average level, about 5h00, elevation gain 100 m, distance: 15 km
Transfer from Saint-Gilles: about 45 minutes to get to the starting point

In this essentially mineral world, you will walk on a special type of lava called « in draperies » or « in graton ». You’ll reach the rim of the crater “Dolomieu”, real heart of the volcanic activity of the Piton de la Fournaise. The only plants that survive are few “bruyères” with yellow flowers and lichens. In good weather, the smell of sulfur reinforces the mineral atmosphere. Surprising and spectacular lunar landscape. Picnic provided on site.

Information: Average level. About 5h00, elevation gain 531 m, distance: 13 km
Transfer from Saint-Gilles 2h00 ride to get to the starting point.

Cayenne by the Rivière des Galets 7h00 : Departure from your place of residence to the North until the village of “Rivière des Galets » with your experienced mountain guide. You’ll find all you need for a picnic at the grocery store or bakery up there.
Changing vehicle.
You’ll take the same path as many mafatais regularly take to enter or leave the cirque. The 4×4 will lead you through this mineral world on the slope of the mountain rising above you. After 12 kms of track and a crossed river, the hiking can start, as everyone is ready to walk through the heart of Mafate. Several fords, bridges, bamboo, chokas, “bois de carotte” will punctuate your journey. You’ll enjoy swimming in a fresh source before reaching Cayenne.
All day long, your guide will tell you everything about botanical, erosion, geology, natural and human environment … mafataise way of life and time travel
Picnic or carry at the cottage (depends on the option)
Breathtaking views of l’Ilet des Lataniers, l’Ilet des Orangers, the Piton Maïdo, the Cap Noir
You’ll have enough time to discover the Creole “Ilet” before going down.
Swimming in a beautiful natural pond.
The 4×4 will pick you up to leave Mafate.
Changing vehicle.
Back on the seaside coast around 5pm

Technical Information:
Maximum Capacity : 36 people
Walking distance about 14 Kms
450 meters of ascent and descent
Time for the all round trip: 5h (quiet walker).
Weather: mostly sunny in the morning and rain in the afternoon.
From January to March: the rainy season often forces the closure of the 4×4 track, the trip is impossible.
Tips : If you have a health problem, you should inform your guide
Useful material: Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain coat, picnic and water bottle 1,5 l or 2l, a good pair of shoes and a pair to pass the fords, a swimsuit and a towel (depending on season)
Other Option – 2 Days : dinner and overnight in a cottage in Cayenne/Grand Place or camping (tents not included) and the day after, trip to the Grand Place les Hauts and then Deux Bras. Up there, the 4X4 will pick you up and come back through the bed of the “Rivière des Galets ».
Other Option – 2 Days bis : Dinner, bed and breakfast at the cottage or camping and the next day,
you’ll go to “Ilet des Orangers » and « Lataniers”. You’ll come back along the “canalisation des orangers » until « Sans Soucis » and then go down to the village of “Rivière des Galets ».
Lunch at the restaurant L’Antre Amis, Chez Jacky or Aux Délices du Moulin Joli.
The center EKWALIS offers some sport, recreation and wellness activities : Fitness, gym, squash, tennis, dance, yoga, massage, spa, hammam , sauna, beauty, hairdressing … (contact us)
Other Option –3 Days : return to “Rivière des Galets », lunch in the area and then transfer to Village Nature Lodge Roche Tamarin 3 *** , the bungalows will be available around 2pm, wellness spa, relaxing by the pool, dinner and night.
Possible thematic evening at « Boma ».
Seminar rooms available.
Breakfast at the hotel, bungalows must be released before 11am …