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Water activities grew up last few years. For experts or beginners, everyone finds some benefit.

Invented by the French Francky Zapata, the Flyboard helps you to propel both in the air and under water thanks to the concept of propulsion underfoot and stabilization in your hands.
The flight is really intuitive, which means as easy as learning how to walk. You just need to find your balance point and then you’ll turn into Iron Man or Human Dolphin! It will take between 2 to 20 minutes with a trained instructor to know how to use the Flyboard. After that, be ready to live moments of pure happiness where you will discover the great potential and endless source of inspiration of the Flyboard ®. You will feel unexpected sensations like you never had before.

Technical Notes:
This activity is available to anyone who can swim.
Equipment provided: short wetsuit, lifejacket, special shoes size 36 to 45, helmet and back shell.
From 4 people
Maximum 8 people per half day based on 30 min / people

The waveski allows you to surf with a new designed kayak. After one session, you will discover new pleasures of surfing on the spot “Les Brisants”, near the Marina of St Gilles les Bains. You surf the wave while sitting on the board and handing a paddle. A brand new sport where every kind of figures is possible.

Technical Information:
Activity available to anyone who can swim and over 10 years old. Every session lasts 2 hours, morning or afternoon. They are supervised by a qualified instructor or can be used as soon as you rend the board. The equipment is provided: waveski board, paddles, helmets and lifejackets.
You should bring swimsuit, Lycra, shoes and « waterproof » sunscreen.
From 1 person
Maximum of 10 people per 2 hours session.

Jet Ski
If you are fond of water and mechanical sports (or both), driving a jet ski will provide you a real thrill of speed while facing a beautiful water landscape, with dolphins if you are lucky enough.
Fun and simple, the Jet Ski offers plenty of sensations for all ages; you don’t need to have a special training or a license. Indeed, children from 5 to 15 that never drove a jet ski can be accompanied by an instructor, and for those over 16 years, it is possible to fly solo with an instructor in front of you
Adults don’t need a boating license to try a Boat Motor Vehicle. The instructor will lead the trek. If you have the coastal sea license (or A), leasing and driving a jet ski will be free (within the rules of navigation and safety)!
Unforgettable moments in a breathtaking setting.

Discover new sensations with your family or in group… You can’t go further than the lagoon of Saint Gilles. Be prepared to have a fun and safety time.

4 jets provided per rotation

Ranked among the top 10 world destinations for sport fishing, Reunion Island is a paradise for amateurs and professionals of big-game fishing. The abundance of large fish can be explained by the crossroads of migratory flows around the island. Since our waters were always protected from large industrial fishing, the field of action is almost virgin and intimate: an exciting new fishing area to discover. The trolling and drifting fishing are the two types of fishing available all year long. The best season for a good catch is between October and May. Blue and black marlin, sailfish, Dorado, sea bream, barracuda, sharks and tuna are the main catch. The boats are all equipped with IGFA equipment and experienced professionals will accompany you for an unforgettable discovery of sport fishing during a 1/2 or full day, with fresh drinks and appetizers (+ picnic only for a full day trip)
Possibility of chartering boats of 1 to 6 passengers, or 7 passengers to 10 passengers per boat. Please contact us.

From 6 people
Up to 30 people

You’re probably not familiar with the following fishes: Parrots, angels, trumpets, and clowns.
However, these fish names symbolize the colorful profusion of the Reunion seabed that you’ll discover in warm and clear water all year long.
A great variety of spots will please the beginners as much as the divers looking for deep exploration. The high chance to see turtles, dolphins and manta rays or to heart whales singing, during winter makes this experience unforgettable.

Around thirty dive sites are available in less than one-hour boat. The supervision, provided by qualified instructors (certification of State), guarantees the quality and safety of diving. A “First dive”” gives a chance to beginners to discover the flora and fauna with a maximum depth of 5 meters. For people already familiar with the island, there is a great diversity of diving spots: shipwrecks, caves, canyons, cirques, coral gardens.

From 1 person to 30 people per ½ day