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Flights over the island


Reunion island from the sky

Many ways to discover this amazing island from the sky.
The inescapable helicopter,
The circling micro-light,
The amazing Paraplane,
The quiet paragliding

The Essential (55 min)
This visit gives you an exceptional overview inside of heart of the UNESCO World Heritage National Park. Discovering the tree cirques, flying over the Volcan and the most marvelous waterfalls on the island (such as the Bridal Veil, White Cascade, Takamaka and Grand Etang) will be a breathtaking experience. If time allows, an approach to the chimney/peak of the Piton des Neiges will delight the most curious ones and give them an exceptional overview.
The volcano and its crater outside the enclosure.
Going Back flying over the lagoons.

The Unavoidable (45 min)
Transfer with a shuttle from your hotel to the heliport of Saint-Gilles. Take off toward the cirque of Mafate, the only cirque unreachable by car. Crossing over the cirque toward Salazie. Stop in front of the «Voile de la Mariée» and entering the «Trou de Fer» by the «Bras des cavernes». This 600 meters deep crack where a river runs throw it offers sensational feelings. Heading to the area of the volcano by flying over the old-growth forest of Bébour and Bélouve. Large loop in the enclosure of the volcano up to the top of the last craters. Then, over flight of the Plaine des Cafres after entering the cirque of Cilaos. Return by the cirque of
Mafate and over flight of the beaches and the lagoon of Saint-Gilles. Landing on the
heliport and transfer to your hotel.

The Heart of the Island (35 min)
Over flight of Mafate and Salazie cirques, including the Trou de Fer and Cilaos

The Magic (25 min)
Over flight of Mafate and Salazie cirques, including the Trou de Fer

The Volcano (25 min – From St-Pierre)
Over flight of the “Piton de la Fournaise” and its lava sea : a striking and unforgettable moment

The Mafate, route des Tamarins, lagons (25 min)
Over flight of Mafate, Tamarins’ road and the west side’s lagoons

Le Piton des Neiges ( 15 min)
Over flight of the volcanic massif of the Piton des Neiges at sunset

The Mafate ( 15 min)
Over flight of St Paul’s bay, the cirque and the small villages called “islets”

Technical information:
The main take off zone is located at Eperon, on the heights of St Gilles les Bains
Free shuttles are available between the altiport of Eperon and the Hotels of Boucan Canot in St Leu. Upon request, a full over flight can be plan from Roland Garros and Pierrefonds aiports.
Concerning the Helicopter “Ecureuil”, the over flight can’t be ensured if the filling ratio is under 6 passengers.
Few minutes before takeoff, the company does a weather update of the different sites planned in the overview. In case of inclement weather, another over flight can be rescheduled according to your timetable. Thus, it is wise to book your over flight at the beginning of your stay. No dizziness is possible to the extent that you are not bound to a fixed point on the ground. Photos and videos allowed, but your sensation will be greater by using only your eyes.
Filling ratio: 6 people
Maximum 30 people per tour

Combines perfectly the advantage of paragliding with the maneuverability of an ULM.
The paraplane is to aviation what motorcycle is for land vehicles. Its low fuel consumption makes it one of the most environmentally friendly aircraft. Little …Easy to handle and funny to pilot, the paraplane is able to venturing where others had not gone yet.
How satisfying it is to rise up in the air and competing with the relief, or to drive along the lagoons and flying over the mountains as fast as a bird.
Turn off your engine! You’re now a paraglider that can control his flight as fast as a raptor that chases the thermal up draughts.
Several routes available and take off at any time of the day :
The Adventurer (10 min)
The Panoramic or the Sunset (20 min)
The Super Panoramic (30 min)
The Explorer (40 min)
The Wales Safari (1 hour) available only during the season (from June to October)
The “Duo” option: 2 paraplanes flying next to each other

Technical Information:
Take off and landing at La Saline les Bains. Possibility of others areas : contact us
Accessible to everyone that is over 6 years old and doesn’t exceed 110 kg
Accessible to disabled also
Free transfer for hotels on the West Coast.
Facilities: Panoramic terrace, bathroom and parking
Equipments are provided
Safety: Every paraplane has a full line of emergency reserve parachutes and another electronic and fuel circuit
Maximum 12 people per 1/2 day

How to describe Speed Flying ?
It is a challenging high-speed flight that is using a tiny sail to get closer to the peaks as if you were almost touching them. Sledding lovers and people passionate about outdoors sports or sports from all over backgrounds imagined that new way of flying free.
Talking about our Island, it could be seen as an initiative from fascinated people who only want to share their passion and promote the Speed Flying in the in the exceptional setting of the Rivière des Galets.
More specifically, people take off from the site of Dos d’Ane and are in tandem with professional speed flyers with a high quality of supervision (State Certificate)
What you should expect: Speed, gliding between heaven and earth, acrobatics, closeness to the relief… in two words: thrills and fun!
Technical information:Take off and landing at Dos d’Ane.
Booking available every day, preferably in the morning (depends on the weather and the season)
The experience lasts between 8 and 10 min
Flights are only in tandem and 2 people can fly in the same time
Equipments provided: helmet, seat, tandem sail and emergency reserve parachutes (equipments safely approved and provided by the pilots)
Conditions: the passenger can’t exceed 95 kg and must be higher than 1,40 m.
He must be in good shape, since it’s a hard and challenging sport.
The activity highly depends on the weather: only the pilot can decide and judge if the conditions are optimal
Minimum 2 people/ Maximum 6 people

ULM’s 3 Axis and pendular aircraft
First flight (From 12 to 15 min)
St Paul’s Bay, St Paul’s Lake and « Tour des roches »
Mafate (From 25 to 30 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », « La Nouvelle », the Maïdo
The Lagoons (From 35 ào 40 min)
« Plateau Caillou », Saline-les-Bains, « Trois Bassin », Lagoon of Hermitage, of Saint Gilles, of Boucan Canot and St Paul’s bay.
Super Mafate (From 40 to 45 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », Mafate, Bélie pass, « La Nouvelle », Taïbit pass, the Grand Bénard, the Maïdo
Mafate and Lagoons (From 40 to 15 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », Mafate ( Piton Cabri, La Nouvelle, the Maïdo ), « Pointe de Trois Bassin », Lagoon of Hermitage, of Saint Gilles, of Boucan Canot and St Paul’s bay.
The 3 Cirques + the Trou de Fer (From 50 to 55 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », Mafate, Bélier pass , Salazie, « Trou de Fer », « Voile de la Mariée », Fourche pass, Taïbit pass, Cilaos, back above Mafate and the Maïdo.
Mafate + Cilaos + the Lagoons (From 50 to 55 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », « Piton Cabri », « La Nouvelle », the Taïbit pass, the Maïdo, Cilaos, « Fenêtre des Makes », the heights of St Leu, « Pointe de Trois Bassin, » Lagoon of Hermitage, of Saint Gilles, of Boucan Canot and St Paul’s bay.
Piton des Neiges (From 55 to 65 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », Mafate, Belier pass, Salazie, « Trou de Fer », Bélouve forest, the Kerveguen, Cilaos, Piton des Neiges, « Gros Morne », the Maïdo.
Super Piton (From 60 to 70 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », Mafate, Bélier pass, Salazie, « Trou de Fer », Bélouve forest,Takamaka, Grand Etang, the Kerveguen, Cilaos, Piton des Neiges, Gros Morne, the Maïdo.
Speed Volcano (From 60 to 70 min)
« Rivière des Galets », Mafate, Salazie, Cap Anglais, Bélouve forest, « Plaine des Palmistes », Volcano, Plaine des Cafres, the Dimitile, Cilaos, Taïbit pass, the Maïdo.
The Volcano (70 à 80 min)
« Rivière des Galets », « Dos d’Ane », Mafate, Belier pass, Salazie, Trou de Fer, Bélouve forest, the Kerveguen, Cilaos, Piton des Neiges, Gros Morne, the Maïdo. This ride is available at the sunset.

Technical information
The ULM offers you wonderful visibility, intense sensations and flying softness. The freedom feelings you will experience won’t be forgettable!
The way the passenger is seated in the ULM prevents him from being scared of heights

Each ULM can take one passenger
From 1 to 24 people per half-day.